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what ! those little *** elves !

Input text: 
[rot]window.a first elf is 10 feet behind the window.[paint]ground.the ground is 100 feet tall.shiny ground.a [christmas]sleigh is 10 feet behind the first elf.the sleigh is 2 feet left of the first elf.the sleigh is facing left.a first deer is 6 inches behind the sleigh.a pink light is in front of the first deer.a second deer is left of the first deer.the second deer is facing southeast.
nheiges (legacy) 
haha :D
KAWE (legacy) 
in former times the elves were larger :-)
Nanook (legacy) 
those rascals are certainly mischievous ;-)
lespaulguy (legacy) 
delinquents all
nheiges (legacy) 

it's a rerun, but an echoing sentiment here :-)
watcher570 (legacy) 
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