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When Santa's Away...
...the elves will play!

Input text: 
a very huge [Christmas] mug is -0.2 feet above and -4.6 feet to the right of the 4.5 feet tall ice cube. the ice cube is on the ground.the mug faces right. a 1.4 feet tall silver spoon is -1 feet right of the ice cube. it faces left. it leans 45 degrees to the back. a large white poop is -0.1 feet above and -2.4 feet to the right of the mug. it faces back. a very huge candy cane is -3.1 feet above and -5.2 feet to the right of the mug. it leans 33 degrees to the front. it faces left. 1st elf is -3.7 feet above and -3.7 feet to the left of the spoon. he faces southeast. he leans 37 degrees to the northeast. a large [texture] sleigh is behind and -7 feet left of the ice cube. it faces northeast. the runner of the sleigh is gold. 2nd elf is -9 feet to the right of and -1.7 feet above and -0.9 feet to the front of the sleigh. a 11 feet tall reindeer is 4 feet behind and -5 feet right of the spoon. it is on the ground. 3rd elf is -5 feet above and -3 feet left of and -1 feet to the front of the reindeer. he leans 17 degrees to the left. the shirt of the 3rd elf is green. a large gift is -0.01 feet above the 2nd elf. it leans front. a dim light is 1 inch above and 1 inch in front of the poop. the ground is shiny [snow]. 2 dim beige lights are 2 inches in front of and -3 inches above the reindeer. 3 dim turquoise lights are -0.8 feet above the ice cube. a dim sky blue light is 0.3 inches above the poop.
nheiges (2016) 
Totally delightful scene! Creative whipped cream on the hot cocoa . . . which now seems a little less appetizing that it did before. . .
Nanook (2016) 
Thanks, I woke up craving hot cocoa and it became the start for the scene. :-) Incidentally, I got so busy rendering I gave up on the hot cocoa. ;-0
nheiges (2016) 
:-D This hobby can be very engrossing. I know how it goes!
Nanook (2016) 
yes I'm a confessed renderholic! Oh well, it is what it is haha ;-)
nheiges (2016) 
There are worse addictions. :-)
anxieting (2016) 

tfw u actually really want cocoa but there somehow isn't any even though christmas is x days away
Nanook (2016) 
@anxieting yeah I feel that way too! ;-)))
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