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picking the winning snowman
first day of winter

Input text: 
a first snowman.a second snowman is 1 feet left of the first snowman.the second snowman is facing southeast.the first snowman is facing southwest.[snow]ground.the ground is 175 feet tall.a first penguin is 1 feet behind the second snowman.the first penguin is on the ground.the second snowman is on the ground.the first penguin is 2 inches right of the second snowman.a second penguin is 6 inches in front of the first snowman.the second penguin is facing north west.the second penguin is 2 inches left of the first snowman.a third penguin is right of the first snowman.the third penguin is facing the first penguin.a dull 2 feet tall white sphere is left of the second snowman.a dull 1.5 feet tall sphere is on the 2 feet tall sphere.the first penguin is facing southwest.[winter]sky.
##HD #totwfestive 
KAWE (legacy) 
so beautiful
nheiges (legacy) 
Snowman Idol? It's a lovely scene.
Nanook (legacy) 
adorable, must be August 1st ;-)
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