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a 1st 40 inch tall feather.the 1st feather leans 70 degrees to west.a 2nd 70 inch tall feather is 13 inch left of the 1st feather.the 2nd feather leans 94 degrees to west.the 2nd feather is facing the 1st feather.the 2nd feather is -31 inch above the 1st feather.a 25 inch tall [sand] watch is -8 inch left of the 1st feather.the watch is facing northeast.the watch is behind the 1st feather. a 50 inch tall 80% dim tan [sand] hand is -39 inch above the watch.the hand leans 80 degrees to east.the hand faces southeast.it is evening.
watcher570 (legacy) 
very nice
nheiges (legacy) 
a clockwork soul . . . nice surreal image
Nanook (legacy) 
very enthralling.
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