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Schumann's Piano

Input text: 
the very large shoe is 18 inches in the man. it is leaning forward. it is facing left. the piano is a foot behind the man. the man is facing left. the ground is shiny. the red light and cyan light are 3 feet above the shoe.
Nanook (legacy) 
oh no you di' ent , haha What have you started, now I can't sleep til I come up with one and so soon after we did puns....you'r killin' me!
Nanook (legacy) 
Oh I give, I need sleep! haha I will leave it to those who are up on sleep or manage their sleep hours better......the outcome will no doubt be entertaining, I look forward to it. ;-)
nheiges (legacy) 
I posted one to the original. :-)
rws (legacy) 
shoe in for the best pun of the week
coyne (legacy) 
Great response scene @nheiges! For reference here's a link to it: Rachmaninoff
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