Santa is stuck on the 405
technicat typed a picture: santa is on a sleigh. the sleigh is on a road. a reindeer is in front of the sleigh. a car is in front of the reindeer. the road is on a green mountain range. a second road is next to the road. the first truck is on the second road. a third road is in front of the second road. a second truck is in front of the first truck. a motorcycle is behind the sleigh. the sky is black. the sleigh is red. it is night. a yellow light is behind the sleigh. a red light is in front of the reindeer
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Nanook  (2016) 
Never been there but I'm still LMAO!
technicat  (2016) 
I once spent an hour to go one mile.
coyne  (2016) 
been there done that! .... though not as santa :-)
Nanook  (2016) 
@technicat sounds like an experience I had back in '78 in Houston Texas and one in Canada north of Calgary in 2004 (that one was due to a propane truck that potentially could blow so they rerouted traffic thru a tiny town). Delays, that's when you get out your cell and do WordsEye. :-)
hedgehog1965  (2016) 
The UK has the M25, "the world's largest parking lot" (once took me 5 hours to do 8 miles!)
nheiges  (2016) 
LOL!! But what a nightmare for Santa. Y'all remember this one from the news? (Hopefully not from experience)
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