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Who Care's About Cheese

Input text: 
a [nut] apple pie is on and -2.2 feet to the right of and -1.5 feet to the front of the [marble] table. the steam of the pie is clear. the tin of the pie is [country]. a [wood] wall is 4 feet behind the table. the large rat is -3 inches right of and -2.9 inches behind the pie. it faces the pie. it is -0.02 feet above the table. a [wood] chair is -0.4 feet behind the table. it faces the rat. the ground is tile. the camera light is dim brown. a glass is left of the pie. a bottle is behind and 0.02 feet left of the glass. a small [van gogh] plate is right of and -4.22 inches in front of the pie. a small cheese is on the plate. a 0.08 feet tall knife is -0.37 feet to the right of and -0.48 feet to the front of and -0.03 feet above the plate. it faces southeast. it leans 17 degrees to the back. the blade of the knife is gold. the handle of the knife is wood. a tiny silver plate is 2.9 inches in front of and -0.4 inches right of the glass. it is -0.001 feet above the table. a candle is -0.1 feet above the tiny plate. 2 dim orange lights are 1 inch above the cheese. the sun is dim rust. the ambient light is pale navy blue. a dim magenta light is 4 inches above the pie. a dim coral light is 1 inch above the candle. 2 dim turquoise lights are 3 inches above the glass. 2 dim yellow lights are 1 inch in front of the candle.
Brightness, Contrast, Sharpen
watcher570 (2016) 
wonderful scene!
KAWE (2016) 
yes endeed
nheiges (2016) 
beautiful colors, charming scene! I love the way you made the pie. I should get the recipe. . .
Nanook (2016) 
thanks, It was supposed to be pecan but had to settle for almond :-)
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