It Wasn't a Meteorite
It was hell on earth

Input text: the ground is white. it is noon. 1st white dinosaur is 10 feet tall. the camera light is blue. there is a pink light 5 feet behind and 20 feet above the dinosaur. there is a 3 feet tall islam symbol .1 feet in front of dinosaur. there is a 2nd dinosaur 50 feet behind the 1st dinosaur. the 2nd dinosaur is 50 feet tall. there is a 16 foot tall crucifix 10 feet behind the 1st dinosaur. there is a white light 1 feet in front of the crucifix. the white light is facing the crucifix. there is a 2nd white light 3 feet left of 2nd dinosaur. the 2nd white light is facing the 2nd dinosaur.
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Nanook  (2017) 
very evocative!
666  (2017) 
and what it was?
nheiges  (2017) 
interesting scene!
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