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who remembers Wishbone ?
Wagon Train

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a 12 feet tall covered wagon.a man is -7.5 feet in front of the covered wagon.the man is 4.5 feet above the ground.a 7 feet tall horse is -1 feet in front of the covered wagon.the man's hair is white.the man's eyebrow is white.the man's beard is white.the man's moustache is white.the man's shirt is checkerboard.a 1.3 feet tall hat is -8 inches above the man.the hat is -50 inches in front of the man.a building is 40 feet behind the covered wagon.the sun is orange.a hotel is 20 feet left of the building.a pan is -2 inches right of the man.the ground is desert.the hat is black.a yellow light is 6 inches in front of the man.a 7 feet tall cowboy is 6 inches right of the covered wagon.the cowboy's shirt is rust.
KAWE (legacy) 
me not :-) (I know wishbone only under another meaning)
nheiges (legacy) 
I remember Wishbone the Jack Russell terrier. Did he ever do a Western? Great scene!
Nanook (legacy) 
Gil Favor and Rowdy on Rawhide
Nanook (legacy) 
My Dog watches "What's the Story Wishbone"
He never missed an episode, as soon as he heard the theme song he'd come running and jump on the back of the sofa to watch. He loved Wishbone the Jack terrier.

@nheiges My dog loved to watch "What's the Story Wishbone". When he heard the theme song he would come running and jump on teh sofa and watch it intensely. :-)
hedgehog1965 (legacy) 
Keep them doggies rollin' :-)
nheiges (legacy) 
I only know Rawhide from The Blues Brothers' version on the song, which is awesome. :-)

@Nanook, adorable scene and story! It's fascinating to see an animal watch TV. Our dog would watch dogs on TV when she was a puppy, but she lost interest pretty early in life. Now the only TV thing she responds to is a doorbell. Also, love the "otter-dog." :-)
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