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Run !!

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The fat ape is 1 foot in the barrel. The ape is leaning 100 degrees to the back. The ground is shiny. The red light is 3 feet above and 3 feet to the front of the barrel. A blue light is 3 feet to the right of the red light. A green light is three feet to the left of the red light. The sun is black. The camera light is black. Another ape is 16 feet behind the barrel. It is facing back. Another ape is 25 feet to the left of the ape. It is facing left. Another ape is 5 feet in front of the barrel. a large cigarette lighter is -0.16 feet left of and -0.5 feet above and -2 feet to the front of the fat ape. it faces right. a fire is -0.1 feet above the cigarette lighter. a dim orange light is 4 inches above the fire. a dim copper light is -1 feet above the fat ape.
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