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Input text: 
sky. a large dove on a beach chair. the ground is baby pink water. the ground is 90% reflective. a large dove on a 100 foot beach chair. the ocean looks like a beach. there is a 100 foot tall dove on the beach. the beach is pink. a fish 100 feet above the beach
Nanook (2017) 
I really like this scene but if you wanted an actual beach chair you can click on the thumbnail pic of the chair at the right and it will bring up different 'chairs' to choose from. What happened with your scene (although the outcome is a success even if it's not what you had on mind) is that beach is actually in the library as a scene/texture that you can use and chair is a 3d object so it gave you the beach scene. great scenes often come by accident and this one is really nice!!
Nanook (2017) 
Well at a closer look, to get the beach chair you would want to open up the "scene objects" tab at the right and click on the furniture icon, you can scroll through to select the chair you want. Seems the chair is actually called a lounge chair :-) the beach it gave you is the pink strip which is actually a 3d scene effect. the ground is the circle you see and your dove is way above the ground because of the very large size you gave it and the chair and the height of the fish it put you way above the ground. You're doing great and just stay at it and you will be surprised at all the amazing things you can do with this. :-)
moonbaby (2017) 
hey thank @nanook!!! i'm not sure how to reply to u properly. ya last time i got a chair with beach scene on it and i was like damn alright cool! so i was hoping to get that chair again. but ya i think it got lost...i took that text out in another one and then the "beach" sank down. so i like this floating strip.... i'm having lots of fun !!! do u work for wordseye !? :) this site is my fav rn ^_^
Nanook (2017) 
@moonbaby this is a fine way to respond, it's fun to see how things can be so different from what you have in mind but end up being soo cool. You'll get the hang of all the different nooks and crannies and tricks available to you as time goes on. I just like to help out new users with little glitches and of course I love the interactions we all share over things. I am going to post a earlier "accidental" scene I did where I ended up in the clouds so to speak. but I actually like it way more than what I had in mind. It will take me a minute to find it in my portfolio. :-)
Nanook (2017) 

Nanook (2017) 
there is actually a stucco wall that is no where to be seen because it ended up in the sky somewhere. :-DDDD
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