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Agent Hanahan
Defending the indefensible

Input text: 
The humongous Jack in the box is -13 feet above and -7 feet in front of the tiny White House. The huge head is -9 feet above and in front of the jack in the box. It is -6 feet to the left of the jack in the box. a 1.8 feet tall and 0.5 feet wide and 12 feet deep orange nose is -4 feet above and -4.7 feet to the left of and -0.1 feet to the front of the head. it leans left. The [flag] texture is on the ground. The texture is 5 feet tall. a rust light is 3 inches above the nose. 12 women are 15 feet in front of the White House. They are facing the White House. 10 people are behind the women. They are facing back. the very tiny man is -13 inches above and -6 inches in front of the nose.
##HD #totwpredicament 
Scene credits:
Nanook (2017) 
hope he gets extra hazard pay beyond the call of duty :-DDDD
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