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I have recused myself from all earthly matters

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a 30 feet wide tube.the tube is 100 feet tall.the tube is face up.the tube is 30 feet deep.a 50 feet tall head is behind the tube.it is above the ground. the tube is [space].the ground is 300 feet tall.the ground is field.a red light is above the head. a large astronaut is 80 feet in front and -23 feet to the left of the head. he is leaning 30 degrees to the left. He is 10 feet above the ground. a huge dog is 9 feet to the right of the astronaut. it is 10 feet in front of the astronaut. it is leaning 20 degrees to the right. the large clear sphere is -2 feet above and -1.5 foot in front of the dog. the huge orange rope is -11 feet above and to the left of the dog. it is leaning 20 degree to the right.
987 (Created on: IOS)
Scene credits:
coyne (legacy) 
cool image
KAWE (legacy) 
oops T. is living outside the real world
watcher570 (legacy) 
He maybe a unknown watcher !
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