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a glass.a shiny fish is -8 inches above the glass.the fish is leaning 30 degrees to the north.a shiny cat is 2 feet behind the glass.a 45% yellow light is above the fish.a 50% green light is 1 feet in front of the cat.a shiny hand is 2 inches above the glass.the hand is upside down.the hand is leaning 30 degrees to the south.the hand is earth pink.a 35% red light is 2 inches in front of the hand.a shiny bird is 3 feet left of the cat.the bird is 5 feet behind the cat.the sun is pink. a 4 inch tall cube is 2 inches left of the glass and on the ground. a 9 inch tall boy is on the cube. he faces right. a 1 inch tall fishing pole is -7.3 inches above and -1.4 inches in front of and -1.7 inches right of the boy. it faces right. it leans 67 degrees to the back.a 10 inch tall and 0.1 inch wide clear black tube is -0.3 inches right of and -9.1 inches above the fishing pole. a small black hook is -11.1 inches above and -0.25 inches right of the tube. it faces back.
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