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A china teacup is left of a tiny Russian doll. It is facing north. It is -0.2 inch above the ground. The doll is -0.1 inch above the ground. Camera light is silver. The ground is clear. The sun is cream. A 500 feet high and 1 mile wide wall is 50 feet behind and -30 feet above the doll. It is 200 feet wide forest. The azimuth of the sun is 210 degrees. A 10 inch long shiny [uk] car is 5 inches in front of the doll. It is facing the doll. A 10 inch long 70% dark [usa] car is 3 inches left of and -4 inches behind the car. It is facing the doll. a enormous [north korea] bee is 2 inches above the cup. it leans to the southwest. a gold light is -0.3 inches above the bee. a coral light is -1 inch right of the bee
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