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Bumper car

Input text: 
There is an enormous circle. It is night. Under the circle is a very big green light. The circle is black and shiny. on the circle is a clown. 3 feet in front of the clown is a first tiny car. The car faces the clown. 1 feet next to the first car is a second tiny blue car. It faces the first car. On the right of the clown is a third tiny car. The third car is black. 1 feet in front of the third car is a fourth tiny car. The fourth car is green. On the left of the clown is a fifth tiny car. Above the clown is a red light.
hedgehog1965 (legacy) 
Nice scene. Wouldn't catch me on it though - not with that clown!
gollum777 (legacy) 
Thx, still a little unsatisfied with this scene.
nheiges (legacy) 

Nanook (legacy) 
really cool concept and well done.
watcher570 (legacy) 
great scene and good to see you back :-)
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