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the unreflective earth saturn is 200 feet above the ground. the sky has a starfield texture. the ground is silver. the sun is black.
#scifi #philosophy 
rws (legacy) 
This looks washed out again. There seems to be a lack of constancy to this exposure level modification.*br*
coyne (legacy) 
Is this a new rendering? The only change is that I made the rings are now semi-transparent. Maybe that's what you're noticing.
rws (legacy) 
Yes new.*br**br*No it ain't the rings. The continents are washed out *br**br*Maybe global warming has rendered them more suspectible to the bleaching effects of seawater?*br*
coyne (legacy) 
could be that the rings being transparent changes the histogram for the picture enough to slightly change the results of adjusting the exposure. It's not a major difference to my eye. But I can add another level or two to the menu to give you more control.
rws (legacy) 
I c. No that's fine. I just thought that there might be a bug.*br*
coyne (legacy) 
ok...btw you can do a little extra processing of this sort using the Brightness 2D effects. It actually just does a gamma correction, with the mid value (5) meaning no change with numbers above and below darkening and lightening.*br**br*I know it's not exactly obvious what the 2D effects numbers mean, but that was a quick/easy way to let all the functions share the same numeric parameters. Some operations are bi-directional and have 5 as the neutral midpoint. Others are unidirectional and increase the amount linearly from 0 to 10. At some point I'll change it to use javascript to change the parameter value choices dynamically based on the operation. Or maybe I'll just break the bidirectional operations into two separate uni-directional operations. i.e. the Brightness control will only make things brighter and a new Darkness control will only make things darker. That'll be the easiest way to rationalize them and avoid having to do any javascript. ...just thinking out loud here.
rws (legacy) 
Ok thanks.*br*
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