There is enough time to study. I should really start learnin

Input text: The ground is wood. A brown table is 5 feet in front of a first wall.The first wall is brick. On the right of the first wall is a second wall. The second wall faces right. The second wall is red brick. On the left of the first wall is a third wall. The third wall faces right. The third wall is brick. Behind the table is a chair. The chair faces the table. On the chair is a 3.5 feet tall boy.. On the cake is a big candle. The candle is 1 inch in the cake. On the left of the boy is a tiny devil. The devil is 4 feet above the ground. On the right side of the boy is a tiny angel. The angel is 4 feet above the ground. on the table are 3 books. There is a big cyan light behind the devil. It is night.
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nheiges  (2017) 
the student's dilemma! great scene and a familiar feeling :-)
gollum777  (2017) 
Thx. Does this also exist in the US? Devil on the left shoulder and engel on the right, or is this just a german thing?
nheiges  (2017) 

Yes, it's a familiar image here - well-known enough to show up in the Simpsons. :-)
watcher570  (2017) 
nice scene !
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