Ones weaker self (germans will know)
gollum777 typed a picture:  The pig is 2 feet to the south. The ground is grass.
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nheiges  (3/9/2017) 
Simple but wonderful image. What is the German expression?
gollum777  (3/9/2017) 
"Innere Schweinehund", which means like inside dogpig.
DonĀ“t know how to translate, but really like that expression.
nheiges  (3/9/2017) 
Oh, nice - just looked it up online. Great expression! Mein innere Schweinehund is very strong sometimes. :-)
nheiges  (3/9/2017) 
gollum777  (3/9/2017) 
KAWE  (3/10/2017) 
ja ja die Akrasia
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