The Beauty and the Beast

Input text: There is a small Monster in front of a 4 feet tall yellow woman. The monster faces the woman. 25 feet on the left of the monster is an enormous window. The window faces the monster. On the left side of the window is a first 500 feet long and 50 feet high wall. The wall faces the monster. The wall is [texture]. The window is 5 feet above the ground. The wall is on the ground. The window is shiny. The ground is shiny. a big chandelier is above the monster. In front of the monster is a big light. It is night. Above the monster is a first big golden light. In front of the monster is a second light. Behind the woman is a third big light. It is night.
watcher570  (2017) 
nice !
Nanook  (2017) 
KAWE  (2017) 
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