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waiting for my tree to grow

Input text: 
a first tree.a man is behind the first tree.a bird is -12 inches above the first tree.the ground is grass.a 10% yellow light is above the bird.a glass is 2 inches left of the man.a bottle is 2 inches left of the glass.a plate is 2 inches left of the bottle.a cheese is on the plate.the cheese is facing southwest.a fence is 1 feet behind the man.the fence is 30 feet long.a second tree is 30 feet behind the bottle.a third tree is 7 feet left of the second tree.a first flower pot is 2 inches left of the plate.a second flower pot is in front of the first flower pot.the second flower pot is leaning 90 degrees to the southwest.a hedgehog is 6 inches left of the first tree.it is evening.
KAWE (2017) 
lol this will be a long wait :-)
Nanook (2017) 
kind of like watching paint dry but with a glass of wine and a little cheese, an enjoyable way to spend time :-)
boneybird (2017) 

I hope it's not 'til hell freezes over
nheiges (2017) 
looks like a very peaceful way to spend an afternoon, especially with a little hedgehog companion :-)
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