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the party members meeting

Input text: 
a building.a first man is -10 feet in front of the building.the first man is facing north.a first woman is left of the man.the first woman is facing north.the building's door is clear.the building's wall is terracotta.a second man is 8 feet behind the first man.a third man is 1 feet left of the first woman.the third man is facing northeast.a second woman is 5 feet left of the second man.the second woman is facing southeast.a fourth man is right of the first man.the fourth man is facing northwest.a fifth man is left of the second woman.the fifth man is facing the first man.a third woman is 4 feet behind the second man.the third woman is facing the third man.a sixth man is 4 feet left of the third woman.
#totwParty #politics 
KAWE (2017) 
obviously a meeting of the Tories, where is Theresa May?
nheiges (2017) 
a party of conformists!
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