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Input text: 
22 feet above the ground is a [shiny] lilac rose statue. the statue is 30 feet tall. city is in the background. 30 feet away from the statue is a wooden highway overpass. the highway overpass is on the ground. the statue is facing west. there is a 8 foot tall turtledove gray shell one foot under the statue. the shell is facing the highway overpass. a dim magenta light is 2 feet above the statue. a misty rose whale -7 feet above ground . 159 feet west of the whale are 4 [texture] dolphins. the dolphins are -2 inches above ground. there is an antique mauve donkey on the highway overpass. a [movie] billboard is above the highway overpass. it is 20 feet in front of the donkey. the whale is 259 feet east of the billboard. a large gentle blue fishing boat is 120 feet south of the whale. it is -1 foot above ground. there is a big chrome atom 6 inches above the billboard. there is a small pale grey carriage 3 inches behind the donkey. there is a blue light above the billboard. there is a marshmallow rose flying saucer 50 feet above the fishing boat. it is 30 feet north of the fishing boat
marrisa_ramirez mill (2017) 
if anyones got advise on standard effects to help this pop or any advise in general. new to wordseye. thanks peeps :)
nheiges (2017) 
This is wonderful! You're really coming along! I would recommend just playing around with effects to see what they do. Just remember "undo" only takes you back one step. The effects I use most are probably Sharpen, Saturation, Cracked Paint and Canvas. Invert and Solarize really change a scene a lot, sometimes for the better! Just play around.
boneybird (2017) 
Lights could help...

You can position lights in the same way you place objects eg. A red light is 2 feet above and 3 feet to the left of the statue

You can also make eg. The camera light is black (if you want the other lights to pop.

You can also say, "the sun is a color" or the ambient light is eg. chartreuse

Lots of other things, but that'll help you get started.
marrisa_ramirez mill (2017) 
thats awesome. thank you both for the tips and support. I appreciate your time
Nanook (2017) 
yeah you really are coming along fast. If you see something someone else does and like it you can 'open' their scene (if it isn't undisclosed) and see what they typed in to get it. I have a strong feeling your are going to be someone to watch :-) just paly around and have fun. oh and when you do the effects, you can go back to the original image after playing around by just clicking on the 'REVERT' button so you don't have to be afraid to play with it :-)
boneybird (2017) 
It's already a lovely scene. Love the sense of scale.
coyne (2017) 
nice scene!
hedgehog1965 (2017) 
Something I do for lights - if I want one one in a particular place I start with an object instead e.g "a lemon is 2 feet above the...", then change it to a light.
KAWE (2017)