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the ground is grass. a big black telephone is on top of a big red lobster. type a picture is facing the telephone. the sky is checkerboard. the light is 3 feet above the telephone.
coyne (legacy) 
cool picture.*br**br*I notice that this lobster doesn't know where "on" it is. That's why the telephone is floating in the air rather than on it's back. When it doesn't have a spatial tag for "on" it puts objects on the bounding box of the entire object, which in this case goes quite a bit higher because of those spikey tendrils in the front. I'll add the necessary info for this lobster so that "on" works.
dk (legacy) 
great! also, on the last click of the "display scene" the phone switched from a classic "rotary" style to this new, "mobile" style. I tried to get the old one back by unchecking the "keep same objects", but it wouldn't return. *br*I was going for the "da-da"-esque scene here.
coyne (legacy) 
on the switching objects...that's strange. If "keep same objects" is checked, it shouldn't change what you have when you do Display Scene. If you do Undo, it should bring the old scene (with object assignments) back.*br**br*If you want to pick among the possibilities, you can use the "Objects" tab on the right side. It shows all words and assigned objects in the scene. If there are more than one for a particular word (e.g., it should show all the phones), it'll show you thumbnails of the choices and let you choose the one you like. If you then use Display to redisplay the scene (and have "keep same objects" checked, you'll see the scene with that selected object). *br*
dk (legacy) 
cool. *br*on a scene that I'm rendering now. I typed "bi-plane" or "bi plane" and it didn't recognize. Then, in one of the existing examples I found it - "barnstormer" !!!
coyne (legacy) 
it's called "biplane"...i think that's the official spelling/word. But the variants you typed are reasonable too. I'll add those in.*br**br**br*
coyne (legacy) 
I fixed that lobster to know it's top surface. So you can put telephones or whatever else on top of it now. :-)
Zamchick (legacy) 
Fabulous juxtaposition of imagery! Have you used the object tab on the right side of the workspace to choose a different e.g. phone.
dk (legacy) 
yep! revision also posted as v2
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