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But it's the professor's turn for a bath.
Thanks to @boneybird for the water squid!

Input text: 
a tub. a dog fits inside the tub. a 1st blue tile wall is to the left of the tub. it is facing right. the ground is shiny white. a forget me not blue rug is to the right of the tub. a 1 foot tall and 2 inch wide and 2 inch deep water squid is -1.5 feet above and -1 foot behind the is upside down. a 4 inch wide water lake is behind the dog. a 3 foot tall man is -.2 foot to the right of the tub. he is facing the dog. a 2nd blue tile wall is 5 feet behind the tub. a 6 inch tall and 5 inch wide and 5 inch deep fuchsia candle is -2 inches above and -2 inches behind the tub. a 1 inch tall and 6 inch wide and 2 foot deep white cube is -6 inches above and 5 inches to the left of the dog. a clear fuchsia soap bar is 0 inches above and -3 inch to the right of the cube. it is facing right. a 1st clear blue 8 inch tall and 4 inch wide and 4 inch deep cylinder is 1 inch in front of the bar. a 2nd 2 inch tall and 1.5 inch wide cylinder is above the 1st cylinder. a 3rd 7 inch tall and 3.5 inch wide and 3.5 inch deep baby blue cylinder is in front of the 1st cylinder. a 4th 1 inch tall and 1.5 inch wide and 1.5 inch deep cylinder is above the 3rd cylinder. a 2 foot tall white cabinet is 2.5 feet behind and to the right of the tub. a shiny white 1.5 foot tall swan is over the cabinet. a 4 inch tall toy is -6 inches in front of and to the left of the dog. a 1 foot tall and 1 foot wide painting is 1.2 feet above the cube. it is 0 inches to the right of the 1st wall. it is facing right. it is 1 foot wide [snail]. the sun is linen. a teal light is in front of and above the dog. a forget me not blue light is 10 feet above the rug.
Cracked paint, Canvas texture, Sharpen
Nanook (2017) 
do he stink??? :-)
boneybird (2017) 
watcher570 (2017) 
looks like he has no chance ! :-)
nheiges (2017) 

they'll probably work it out :-)
KAWE (2017) 
lol, our teckel loves it
nheiges (2017) 
:-) my dog really does not love a bath!
Nanook (2017) 
great scenes
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