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it is dark. the sky is cloudy. the ground is brick. a big red lobster is on top of a black telephone. type a picture is facing the telephone. the planet earth is 2 feet above the telephone. the tiny sheep is 2 feet behind the telephone. the sheep is 2 feet in front of the picture. the sheep is facing west. the sheep is gold. the small pyramid is .5 foot above the lobster. the pyramid is silver. the snake is to the left of the sheep. very small jesus is 2.5 feet in front of the picture. a very large puddle is to the right of the snake.
Zamchick (legacy) 
Where is a Moses model when we need one?
coyne (legacy) 
Maybe no 3d model, but there actually is a Moses image! You can say, for example, "the moses image is on the wall"
rws (legacy) 
In the dark
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