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almost there

Input text: 
huge dog on top of car. one large bone is 2 feet to the left of the huge dog.
#dog #car 
lespaulguy (2017) 
i'm afraid your large bone is a tiny tooth. You could swap it for a skull in the scene objects tab on the left (if you like that kind of thing :-)
studiomar (2017) 
not into skulls..but thanks..I think the program was getting difficult and I gave up..i will try again to see what happens..maybe need to tipe "giant bone"..oh yes..I know what you mean now..is a tooth.
Nanook (2017) 
When It's Springtime In Alaska.....
....it's forty below.

yeah, sometimes you can make a similar shaped object look like the one you really want if that object doesn't exist in the library. for example in this scene I used a eel to make icicles by making it clear. if you click on the image it will open it up so you can see what I did. :-) You are doing great by the way!!!!
nheiges (2017) 
You are a master of making things out of other things, @Nanook! I've borrowed lots of your ideas. :-)
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