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when you drift off to sleep

Input text: 
a bed.the bed is 100 feet above the ground.[abstract]ground.the ground is shiny.the bed's blanket is purple.the bed's pillow is forget me not blue.a woman is -6.5 feet above the bed.the woman is face up.the woman is leaning 27 degrees to the south.the bed is leaning 30 degrees to the west.the woman is leaning 30 degrees to the east.a [watch1] bird is 2 feet right of the bed.the bird is facing northwest.the bird is shiny.a 5 feet tall silver snail is 4 feet above the bird.the snail is facing southeast.a 7 feet tall feather is 2 inches above the woman.the feather is face up.the feather is facing right.the feather is -1 feet right of the woman.the feather is leaning 55 degrees to the west.
KAWE (2017) 
A beautiful moment
nheiges (2017) 
feels just like a dream, love it!
Nanook (2017) 
that split second of bliss :-)
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