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The Tempest And The Teapot

Input text: 
a large [boat] teapot is -1.2 feet above the 1st large clear cloud blue wave. the wave faces left. the teapot faces right. it leans 24 degrees to the right. 2nd huge clear sea mist blue wave is -12 feet northeast of the 1st wave. 3rd huge clear wave is -8 feet to the right of the 1st wave. it faces left. 4th huge clear wave is -9 feet left of the 1st wave. it faces right. 5th huge clear wave is -13 feet northwest of the 1st wave.it faces back. the ground is clear. the camera light is wildness. a salmon light is 2 inches behind the teapot. a spicy gold light is 2 inches above the teapot. the sun is green turquoise. 4 cyan lights are 6 inches above the teapot. a 1 feet tall silver sphere is -4 feet above the 1st wave. 9 cyan lights are 2 feet above the sphere.
##HD #totwshelter 
Solarize, Contrast, Sharpen, Melt
watcher570 (2017) 
great scene !
nheiges (2017) 
it's great! really cool how you constructed the tempest :-)
Nanook (2017) 
thanks :-)
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