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remember to wash your food Ace !

Input text: 
a cream washing machine.the washing machine's panel is black.the washing machine's basin is silver.the washing machine's door is copper.a 12 inches tall man is -2 feet above the washing machine.the man is leaning 45 degrees to the west.a flat wall is behind the washing machine.a boy is 1 feet in front of the washing machine.the boy is on the ground.the boy is facing the washing machine.a cooker is right of the washing machine.the cooker is on the ground.a pan is -4 inches above the cooker.a dog is 14 inches right of the boy.the dog is facing the washing machine.a red light is above the man.the ground is tile.the wall is sea mist blue.a white light is in front of the man.a bowl is left of the dog.a table is left of the washing machine.a box is on the table.a 3.5 feet tall sink is right of the cooker.the box is malachite green.a screen is above the washing machine.
nheiges (2017) 
lol :-)
Nanook (2017) 
does this mean the professor is for dinner? This is too funny.
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