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The Sixties

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the rainbow brain. the opacity of the brain is 80%. the sky is very cloudy. the very tiny purple illuminator is in the brain. the tiny pink illuminator is 1 foot above the brain. The very tiny blue illuminator is inside the brain. the ground is dirt. it is dawn. the tree is 20 feet to the left of the brain. the rainbow mushroom is in front of the brain. the polka dot mushroom is in front of the rainbow mushroom. the small chartreuse mushroom is 1 inch in front of the polka dot mushroom. the air is misty. the red illuminator is in the tree. the tiny blue illuminator is on top of the tree. the "Flashback" is behind the tree. the "Flashback" is facing right. the opacity of the "Flashback" is 50%.
rws (legacy) 
Your brain, perchance?*br*
Zamchick (legacy) 
The thought that I would partake (hey, look at those little green men eating my shoelaces) of any illicit substance grossly insults my sensibilities.
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