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embryonic journey

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[nebula]funnel.the funnel is leaning 115 degrees to the south.the funnel is 150 feet deep.the funnel is 80 feet wide.the funnel is 120 feet tall.a 1 feet tall infant is -25 feet in front of the funnel.the infant is 60 feet above the ground.the infant is leaning 45 degrees to the north.a first silver sphere is 10 feet behind the infant.a second silver sphere is 5 feet above the first silver sphere.a clear red sphere is 1 feet left of the first silver sphere.a 2 feet tall dna is 3 feet above the red sphere.a atom is 3 feet right of the dna.a north star is above the first silver sphere.a clear cyan sphere is beneath the atom.a sun symbol is above the clear red sphere.a purple light is in front of the infant.a clear lime sphere is 1 feet left of the red sphere.a 50% white light is behind the infant.the sky is cloud.a clear blue sphere is 6 inches beneath the clear cyan sphere.the north star is 2 inches right of the first silver sphere.a clear yellow sphere is 9 inches above the dna.the clear lime sphere is 3 inches above the clear red sphere.
KAWE (2017) 
nheiges (2017) 
love this! goes well with the song :-)
Nanook (2017) 
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