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a shiny spinal cord.the spinal cord is 80 feet deep.the spinal cord is 35 feet wide.the spinal cord is 20 feet tall.a first man is -3 inches above the spinal cord.the first man is -17 feet in front of the spinal cord.a second man is 6 feet behind the first man.the second man is facing southeast.the first man is facing southwest.the ground is 200 feet wide.the ground is texture.the texture is 300 feet tall.[abstract]sky.a third man is in front of the spinal cord.a 50 feet tall silver pyramid is 15 feet behind the spinal cord.the pyramid is upside down.a 30 feet tall flame is in front of the pyramid.the flame is [fire].the flame is 1 feet in the ground.a body part is 6 feet right of the third man.the body part is 12 feet tall.the body part is face up.the body part is 1 feet behind the third man.the body part is metal.
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nheiges (2017) 
wow. I had to open this one up. that spinal cord looks really good!
Nanook (2017) 
super cool world !
KAWE (2017) 
oh oh oh 666 the number of the beast
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