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Fairytale Love
We thought that our pleasure would always remain
Soft fairytale kisses again and again
The last moment we touched, by the river you shone
The black swan spread its wings and hissed
Lo! the night came on

Input text: 
The ground is [field]. A dark texture mill is 10 feet left of a large long river. It is facing southeast. It is -2 feet above the ground. A 30% dark willow tree is behind the mill. It is on the ground. A 20% dark willow tree is behind and left of the willow tree. It is facing east. A swan is -62 feet left of and -120 feet behind the river. It is facing north. A scarlet light is above the mill. The sun is pink. A brown light is right of and in front of the mill. Ambient light is black. A light is on the swan. An aqua light is 8 feet in the tree. A scarlet light is 4 feet left of the light. 2 purple lights are on the river. Camera light is marmalade.
##HD #totwNostalgia #song 
Canvas texture, Cracked paint
Nanook (2017) 
This is absolutely unbelievably beautiful beyond words!!!
nheiges (2017) 
lovely scene - i will have to listen to the song on youtube later!
hedgehog1965 (2017) 
Thank you very much - David McComb had a very troubled (and short) life: I was lucky enough to see the Triffids live, around the time of this clip from the 80s:
KAWE (2017) 
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