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Plato's Cave

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the flat black man is in front of the huge foam wall. it is in the ground. the small flat black tree is to the right of the man. the ground is foam. three humongous flat black rocks are to the left of the flat black man. the rocks are in front of the wall. the sky is black. the sun is black. the huge brown light is 20 feet in front of the wall. the tiny orange light is behind the huge brown light.
coyne (legacy) 
nice..i wish i thought of doing that!!
Zamchick (legacy) 
rws (legacy) 
Very nice.*br**br*By the way, I have been meaning to ask: where did you get that foam texture, Bob?
coyne (legacy) 
I took it a beach somewhere and then made it seamless/tileable with gnome I think.*br*
rws (legacy) 
Okay, coz I remember taking a similar foam picture at a beach and I was wondering if it was mine. I guess one man's foam is as good as another's though.*br*
Zamchick (legacy) 
at the mouth, that is.
daniel (legacy) 
Plato's Cave II
or some primitive rock art

Here's a recreation!
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