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Clowning Around
and for my next trick...

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the gun is 5 feet above the tile ground. it is facing north. the clown is 30 feet to the north of the gun. the clown is on the ground. the clown is unreflective. the brick wall is 3 feet behind the clown. the wall is 16 feet high. the humongous white light is 200 feet behind the wall. the humongous white light is 75 feet above the ground. the big apple is on the clown. a very large orange light is 20 feet to the right of the apple. the small red illuminator is 7 feet above the back of the gun. it is morning. the sky is shiny. it is cloudy.
#macabre #pun 
Zamchick (legacy) 
that's it, I'm investing in metal detectors. Nice! :-)
coyne (legacy) 
that clown has had it coming for a while...
coyne (legacy) 
i like the lighting
rws (legacy) 
Tell Rambo
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