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Hell's Hottest Seat

Input text: 
the shiny rust ground is 100 feet tall.the rust [23] sky.a sphere is 50 feet tall.a silver wall is 50 feet tall.it is 150 feet wide.it faces right.it is 250 feet behind the sphere. it is 0.1 inches in the ground. a [86] seahorse is 10 feet tall.it is 5 feet deep.it is 2 feet wide.it is 4 feet in the ground.it is upside down.it faces right.it is -1.2 feet right of the wall.a shiny red goat is 9.6 feet tall.it is 3.4 feet wide.it is 18 feet deep.it is -1.7 feet right of the wall.it is 2.6 feet in the ground.it is -16.5 feet in front of the seahorse.a small [76] table is 1 foot in front of the goat.it is 2 feet tall. it is 1 inch in the ground.it is -6 inches right of the wall.a large book is on the table.it is -1 foot right of the wall.the first [24] skyscraper is 9 feet tall.it is 3 feet right of the table.a [24] flying saucer is 1 foot in the skyscraper.the second gold skyscraper is 2 feet tall.it is 3 inches right of and -3 inches in front of the table.a white [24] skull is 2.4 inches in the gold skyscraper.it leans backwards.a large shiny [texture] sphere is 8 feet above the ground.it is 3.6 inches left of and -6 feet in front of the first skyscraper.the first very small chair is 12 feet in front of the table.it is 2.5 inches right of the wall.it faces backwards.the second very small chair is 1 foot right of the first very small chair.it faces backwards.the third very small chair is 5 inches right of the second very small chair.it faces backwards.the fourth very small chair is 1.6 feet in front of the first very small chair.it faces backwards.the fifth very small chair is 1.6 feet in front of the second very small chair.it faces backwards.the sixth very small chair is 1.6 feet in front of the third very small chair.it faces backwards.the seventh very small red chair is 6 feet in front of the table.it is -1.8 inches right of the wall.it faces backwards.a red copper light is above the book.a large [91] gargoyle is in front of the first skyscraper.
Nanook (2017) 
Wow your are definitely on a roll!!
nheiges (2017) 
Gorgeous and amazing!! I couldn't figure out how you put it together even when I opened it up. I finally had to make the silver wall black to see it. Really great scene - love the seahorse especially!
Samantha Grace (2017) 
@nheiges Thanks. I'm learning all sorts of little ways to fit more details in.
watcher570 (2017) 
It would make a great title for a game show :-)
Samantha Grace (2017) 
@watcher570 It would made a good stage set for it too but it needs 6 more chairs so there's 3 teams of 6 (666). That was my original intention but I ran out of text room and had to decide between the extra chairs or the gargoyles and I really love the gargoyles.
nheiges (2017) 
It's frustrating to run out of text. . . sometimes I've eked out a little more scenery by making small changes. In your text, it looks like you could change first to 1st, second to 2nd, etc. and save a few characters that way. also, I don't think WE cares about articles "a" and "the." Also, you can change "backwards" to "back" and "above" to "over."
hedgehog1965 (2017) 
66 chairs

You lose some positioning control but sometimes it's also worth using shortcuts like this...
Samantha Grace (2017) 
@hedgehog Yeah, I'd considered doing that at one point but I much preferred the look of them in pairs as they didn't fill the screen the way I wanted them to when they were tightly together and zooming in closer to make up for it took a lot of the power out of the image, imo.
Samantha Grace (2017) 
@nheiges Thanks. I did finally discover that 1st, 2nd and so on could be shortened. I just forgot to change it in the final draft. I'd saved a few steps and didn't realize I'd deleted the one with the changes made to it. I didn't know about back and over though. That will certainly help. When I did my first few pieces, I had a whole lot of unnecessary stuff in there, like even some double measurements. I didn't realize that if something was "in front of" something else that it would automatically put it at the same altitude so I was stating the altitude of everything. lol

It's a learning experience for sure but what I want to learn most right now is how many items are actually available. The groupings in the library (people, animals, furniture, etc.) seems limited so far, like I've seen people using stuff I didn't know existed and I thought I searched the whole library more than once. Does everything show up in the subcategories or do some things only show up when entered into the search engine?

Thanks for making me feel at home here, by the way. It's a refreshing change from the back-biting drama and bitterness that's so common in social media now. You know, when I first got the internet, there were no such thing as trolls. People were happy to have their choice of 3 blog hosting sites and they didn't want to make enemies in such a little net. lol
Nanook (2017) 
@Samantha Grace there are actually other items hidden under different search words such as 'object', 'compound object', 'thing', 'part', and more specifically such as 'sportsware' or just plug in a object and sometimes you get lucky :-)
Nanook (2017) 
oh yeah and 'group' is another one with surprises. :-)
Samantha Grace (2017) 
wow, good to know. I did find the 'group' group when I was looking for people standing in crowds but I didn't find any and I only just realised now that I've never searched for images, only textures and models. I completely missed that. I'm definitely feeling lucky now. lol
KAWE (2017) 
Samantha Grace your pic is simply great
coyne (2017) 
wonderful scene!
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