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The Adventures of Dan Dare: Sightseeing on Kepler-1649b

Input text: 
The window of a shiny lilac mustang is yellow. A giraffe is 4 feet in front of the mustang. It is leaning 20 degrees to the front. 8 blue lights are in the mustang. 3 red lights are on the giraffe. A bird is above and -4 feet right of the giraffe. 2 purple lights are on the bird.
Brightness, Hue, Illustration
nheiges (2017) 
That was fun to open up. :-) Great scene!
watcher570 (2017) 
great scene ! but I believe the green alien would make a great mekan .but who would you use for digsby ?
Nanook (2017) 
quite cool!
hedgehog1965 (2017) 
Thanks! Maybe we'll find a Digby in the new set of models :-)
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