A Fork In The Road
technicat typed a picture: a fork in the road
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Nanook  (5/5/2017) 
LOL , ha @technicat I was just thinking about you a couple of days ago and that we hadn't seen anything from you for a while..:-) Good to see you back around :-)
technicat  (5/5/2017) 
thanks! been busy with stuff like taxes. but i get a wordseye thought once in a while...
nheiges  (5/5/2017) 
yes, welcome back! :-)
hedgehog1965  (5/6/2017) 
A Tern in the Path

nheiges  (5/6/2017) 
A curve up ahead.

technicat  (5/6/2017) 
Fun theme!
coyne  (5/7/2017) 
nice sequence of #puns :-)
Nanook  (5/7/2017) 
just saw the latest LOL
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