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can't sleep

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the shiny silver sphere is on the glass table. the die is .3 feet in front of the silver sphere. the table is on the rug. the small steel sphere is 1.6 feet to the right of the shiny silver sphere. the candle is .3 feet to the left of the steel sphere. the tiny yellow illuminator is on the candle. the phone is in front of the candle. the phone is facing southeast. the book is .2 feet in front of the phone. the green bottle is .6 feet behind the candle. the camera light is black. it is evening. the ground is shiny tiles.
Zamchick (legacy) 
its that french martini! Have you tried using the Render brightness level on the Picture properties page?
Zamchick (legacy) 
"can't sleep" makes me wanna know what time people are making WE images :-)
dk (legacy) 
yes, i've played with brightness. i am a bit confused about the use of the effects. if one is applied and then another - or a different strength value - is it reploacing the previous or in addition to? also, once, an effect got applied to an image that was worked on previously, not the one currently in the workspace. still a bug or two, maybe, in this area...
coyne (legacy) 
effects don't replace each other. they get applied to whatever you currently have like layers of paint.
coyne (legacy) 
btw, the Render Brightness control is different than the one in 2D effects. The render is done with high dynamic range, so the Render Brightness uses that as the source, which enables it to dramatically change the picture brightness level where no apparent color differentiation exists. So you might have a scene that looks totally overlit with the automatic setting and you can make it look perfectly normal by adjusting the Render Brightness. Different levels of brightness will emerge in what was previously a fully bright area of the picture. Ditto for dark images...though that hardly ever happens with the automatic level control for whatever reason.

The 2D effect of brightness just changes the pixels in the displayed image. It doesn't have the original high dynamic range source to deal with. So if something is overlit and you darken it with the 2D brightness (or contrast) effect, there won't be any gradations of color emerging in those areas.

Don't know if that was clear or not from the interface (probably not).
dk (legacy) 
got it, thanks! will explore more....
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