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the truck is on the road. the road is 1000 feet long. the GRASS of the road is grass. the ground is grass. the sky is purple. it is partly cloudy. the body1 of the truck is glass-img-st1989. the body2 of the truck has a glass texture. the chrome of the truck is silver. the STEPS of the truck are silver. the bumper of the truck is gold. the door of the truck has a starfield texture. the mirror of the truck is invisible. the mirmount of the truck is invisible. the large glass-img-st1997 animal is on the truck. the enormous gold light is 20 feet above the animal. the santa claus is -12 feet in front of the truck. the santa claus is 3 feet above the road. the red illuminator is 5 feet behind the truck. the purple illuminator is 5 feet behind the red illuminator.
coyne  (legacy) 
cool picture*br**br*i just noticed santa in the truck...some lucky kid this year :-)
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