Ok. Now That's An Ow
Inspired by the tongue of @KAWE's snake
boneybird typed a picture: The huge gold shoe is four feet above the ground. The orange clear octopus is 3.6 feet in the shoe. It is 3 feet tall and .3 feet wide. It is -1.3 foot in front of the shoe. The large gun is -4 inches above the shoe. It is -16 inches in front of the shoe. It is leaning 90 degrees to the front. The ground is grass. The white clear thought bubble is -27 inches above the octopus. The small yellow sun symbol is -10 inches above the octopus. The trump is 10 inches in the shoe. He is 2 foot tall. He is -8 inches behind the shoe. He is facing back. His head is 1 foot tall.
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nheiges  (5/19/2017) 
great scene! the shoe must have a lot of holes in it by now.
KAWE  (5/20/2017) 
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