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not long after midnight

Input text: 
a 8 feet tall shiny black cauldron.the sun's altitude is 90 degrees.a 1st alien is 2 feet in front of the cauldron.a 2nd alien is 1 feet right of the 1st alien.a 3rd alien is 1 feet left of the 1st alien.a bed is 3 feet in front of the 1st alien.the bed is facing right.a woman is -4.5 feet above the bed.the woman is face up.the woman is facing right.the ground is field.the ground is 190 feet tall.the ground is shiny.the woman is leaning 30 degrees to the south.the sky is cloud.a dresser is in front of the bed.the dresser is facing the bed.a giant clock is above the dresser.a door is 2 feet right of the bed.a large raven is above the door.a window is 3 feet left of the bed.the window is 3 feet above the ground.the raven is facing the 3rd alien.a green light is 6 feet above the bed.a 50% green light is 6 inches behind the 1st alien.a large north star is 1 feet above the raven.the north star is 1 feet left of the raven.the bed's blanket is sea spray blue.the bed's pillow is primrose yellow.a 5 feet tall shiny crystal is 1 feet right of the door.a moon symbol is 1 feet above the clock.the moon symbol is facing northeast.
Hue, Normalize, Sharpen, Saturation
KAWE (2017) 
so wonderful
nheiges (2017) 
really great! very dreamy effect
boneybird (2017) 
Boil boil toil and trouble
Nanook (2017) 
This is soooooo very super fantastic.!!! everything about it!!!
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