The Eye Of The The Screen
The Scream

Input text: a 100 inch tall is black.ground is light is black.ambient light is pink.ground is 301 feet tall.a enormous hand is -53 inches right of and -90 inches above and -120 inches in front of the man. it faces northwest. it leans 118 degrees to the left.
Tags:  ##HD  #art 
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Effects: Newsprint, Swirl, Sharpen, Swirl, Swirl, Swirl, Swirl, Swirl, Swirl, Balloon, Balloon, Newsprint, Contrast, Saturation, Contrast, Color-emboss, Cracked paint, Sharpen, Saturation, Cracked paint, Contrast, Cracked paint, Invert, Swirl, Swirl
Attributions: Rage by KAWE
watcher570  (2017) 
nice picture and nearly all of WE effects in usage
nheiges  (2017) 
neat! I like the swirl.
Nanook  (2017) 
effects are endless :-)
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