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the very large acorn is on the small plate. the plate is on the cloth ground. the cherry is next to the plate. the banana is behind the plate. it is facing east. the springtime green apple is behind the cherry. it is dull. the pear is .2 feet to the right of the plate. the cookie is .2 feet in front of the pear. the cup is .1 feet in front of the plate. the the coin is in front of the cup. the pot is .5 feet in front of the apple. the pot is facing south. the pot is taupe mauve. it is dull. a tall cup is to the left of the candle. the candle is 1 feet to the left of the banana. the tiny orange illuminator is on the candle. the big green bottle is .6 feet behind the banana. 2 glasses are .2 feet to the left of the bottle. the small mirror is .5 feet behind the candle. it is facing east. the painting is 2.8 feet behind the mirror. the wood pipe is on the cookie. it is facing east. the book is .15 feet to the right of the pear. the newspaper texture is on the book. glasses are on the book. the olive is in the glass. the huge jar is 2.1 feet to the left of the apple. the jar is 15 inches high. the gold egg is inside the jar. it is slightly hazy. it is evening. the camera light is very dark. the dark antique violet invisible light is 13 feet above the pot. a very small dull mountain range is 25 feet to the left of the candle.
Zamchick (legacy) 
Hey, Deka has magically moved his rendering up in the queue. Looks like the beginning of an "I Spy" game.
dk (legacy) 
I've revised the image, took the old one off the gallery, and posted the newly rendered one, so it went to the front. But you'll have to guess what changed! Two interesting things: 1. In the previous version I had a different book and when I wrapped a texture on it was placed on the cover - that is, on the side that is facing down. so the pages remained blank. On this one I chose a different book and the texture worked fine. 2. I did not change the light source: "the dark antique violet invisible light" from the first version. It was fine then. But in the revised image it said that "antique" was something bad. I noticed another thing too. In another image, I would type that an object is facing northeast, for example, and it would be fine. Then I would change it to northwest, for example, and it would generate an error. (There was nothing next to the object to interfere with placement)
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