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...Created during "The King and I"...

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The giant blue "IAM" is 1 foot to the right of the Giant blue checkerboard "S". the ground is glass-img-st2077. the castle is 25 feet behind the "IAM". the sky is dark orange. the huge orange light is ten feet above the "IAM". the large red "so" is 3 feet in front of the "IAM". the purple "bored" is 7 feet in front of the "so". the huge yellow light is twenty feet in front of the "bored". the 50 foot tall yellow light is behind the castle. it is partly cloudy.
TheHoofer  (5 years ago) 
There is a two hour period when i dont have anything to do at all. Very useful, wordseye is.
Zamchick  (5 years ago) 
Very yoda you are.
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