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not too much ice cream Timothy!

Input text: 
a man is on a beach.the ground is sea.a chair is 10 feet behind the man.the chair is facing southwest.a 2 feet tall sand castle is 7 feet left of the chair.the castle is facing southeast.a large ice cream cone is -13 inches right of the man.the ice cream cone is leaning 25 degrees to the east.the ice cream cone is 2.5 feet above the ground.the ice cream cone is -9 inches in front of the man.a toy is right of the castle.a boat is 60 feet behind the toy.the boat is facing northwest.the boat is 4 feet in the ground.a crab is 6 inches right of the man.the crab is facing northeast.the crab is behind the man.a shell is 4 inches left of the man.the shell is face up.the shell is facing left.a dog is 2 feet in front of the toy.the dog is facing the chair.a professor is behind the chair.the professor is facing the dog.
nheiges (2017) 
The color of the sand and water remind me of east coast beaches here. Nice vacation scene!
coyne (2017) 
Summer's here! :-)
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