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back alley

Input text: 
a large tall frame is on the patio. a tall brick wall is behind the patio. the wall is 20 feet wide. a second tall brick wall is facing east. it is 20 feet wide. a frame is next to the large frame. a large frame is in front of the frame. a tiny black bucket is on the frame. the tiny yellow illuminator is 2 feet above the bucket. 7 tools are in front of the frame. the small bicycle is in front of the tool. the bicycle is facing east. the barrel is to the right of the bicycle. the barrel is 1.7 feet tall. the tiny plastic jug is on the barrel. the small cat is .5 feet to the right of the barrel. it is facing north. the camera light is dark navy blue. the opacity of the camera light is 90%. it is very dark.
coyne (legacy) 
very nice!
dk (legacy) 
thanks, had a little trouble with this one. you'll see that some objects, such as the bicycle and the cat are oriented by the compass points. but changing the orientation will sometimes result in an error. (or nothing happens and the object keeps facing the same way). could you look into this?
coyne (legacy) 
I'll look into it.*br**br*I just noticed that the servers were in a bad state and unable to create pictures. Don't know if that's related or not or what caused it.
coyne (legacy) 
I tried it out and it seems to be getting confused because of the "7 tools". If you leave those out (or specify them individually), it'll behave better.*br**br*I'll add this to my list of spatial layout problems to fix.
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