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Rebuilding America

Input text: 
the small 7 trees are in front of the tools. the fifteen persons are in front of the 7 trees. the 5 houses are behind the tools. the hammer is 60 feet tall. the hammer is south. the 30 foot tall nail-vp16777 is in front of the houses. the ground is wood. The humongous saw is 50 feet behind the hammer. the saw is 90 feet above the ground. it is partly cloudy.
Zamchick (legacy) 
I don't think I could hit the nail on the head if I wanted to?
dk (legacy) 
I've been wanting torotate and turn objects on their sides from the very beginning!
coyne (legacy) 
Not to worry...that'll definitely be doable, probably in a week or two when I get back to spatial layout issues. Busy with UI tasks (like stories and collections) now.
Zamchick (legacy) 
Once upon a time, a young envisioner hit the nail on the head.
coyne (legacy) 
Speaking of America, here's a forum link scene-1405 to a related picture.*br**br*Need a way to edit forum entries in general, but especially for things like this which require typing in some simple bb-code.
coyne (legacy) 
I plan on integrating this with the clipboard so you can put the scene in the clipboard and then click a button right here in the forum message entry page which will insert the reference into the input text entry box.*br**br*Also a little section in the Help Sheets (and linked to here) should be done.*br**br*Even without all that, you can still play around with it. You type a reference it as follows: ((scene 1405)) The only difference would be to type square brackets rather than parens (which I'm not doing here so it doesn't try transforming it into a link).*br**br*The number is the scene id, which you can see in the link reference area at the bottom of your browser (mine anyway) by waving your mouse over a scene thumbnail. It's also part of the scene name in your portfolio. Also appears in the url arguments after "sid=" when you're looking at the scene.
ebbaalm (legacy) 
Interesting angle!
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