Input text: The girl, about 14-15 years old, woke up, on a strong spit in the sea, a sand spit. Covered with large barkhans. In the middle of the spit there was a sandy hollow. Rov. On the opposite sides of the spit, there were two boats. One boat, led by another boat fire from a grenade launcher (tape) like that in the count of duty. Grenades from the shooting boat, flew over the scythe and exploded in the water, from another boat. Sometimes they fell into a scythe. The boat fired across the braid, in the direction of the other boat. The boats were the same and black. Sometimes grenades from a shooting boat, exploded near the girl and there was an impression (the girl) that the fire was being fired along it. The girl decided that it was necessary to hide from this boat leading the fire.
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